Soundtrack Review: Insurgent


The second installment of the best-selling Divergent trilogy hits theaters tomorrow, and here’s what you can hear on the soundtrack:

1) Holes in the Sky — M83 and HAIM: This is a pretty interesting track. It begins celestially with swooping instrumentals and haunting harmonies before dropping down into a more steady beat. At this point it’s your typical ballad. The beginning is what really makes this stand out — after the drums kick in, it becomes a bit too sleepy and predicable for my taste. 3/5

2) Blood Hands — Royal Blood: I loved this from the first guitar strum. It’s sort of gritty and a nice change of pace from the “niceness” of the track before it. The solid pace makes it an engaging listen. 5/5

3) Never Let You Down — Woodkid and Lykke Li: This is more along the lines of the first track, so again, it’s slightly dreamy. The pairing of vocals is definitely a highlight — both of these artists have really distinct, ethereal voices, making the match extremely smooth and just right. 4/5

4) The Heart of You — Anna Calvi: I’ve been loving this kind of “dark” song more and more lately. On top of the brooding beginning, this almost has kind of a ’70s/’80s vibe to it, making it awesome in my book. Listening to this song makes me feel warm, if that makes any sense at all. Unfortunately, there’s no YouTube video for this track, but it is on Spotify. 5/5


5) Sacrifice — Zella Day: Another slower song. The YouTube video I linked to speeds it up, and I think I actually like it a little faster. It brings more of an intensity and frantic feel to the performance, which bodes well for the trilogy in general. This track sounds more technological and electronic than the others, giving it an extra boost above the sleepier orchestra sounds. 4/5

6) Carry Me Home — SOHN: More ballads, yay. I prefer faster tracks, but I can’t argue with the fact that the production on these songs has been pretty top notch. This matches the electronic feel of “Sacrifice,” and actually picks up in the middle, providing a much needed extra layer. Again, there’s no YouTube video for it, but it is available on Spotify. 4/5

7) Warriors — Imagine Dragons: Anyone who knows me knows I adore anything Imagine Dragons puts out, and this is no different. Big, dramatic songs are almost always winners for me. This is one of those songs that fits well in a giant battle scene, and those are always fun. 5/5

tris8) Convergence — Joseph Trapanese: Love this instrumental. It starts off light and mysterious, then pretty quickly drops into a dark, somewhat menacing tune, followed finally by a fairly hopeful ending. I wasn’t expecting the changes at all, so I love the fact that I was surprised by them. No video, but just like everything else, it’s on Spotify. 5/5

Final Thoughts: Some of these tracks felt a little dragged on to me, but the production on them was very cohesive and fit in well with the movie’s theme. If anything, I wish we had a few more upbeat selections to shake things up. Overall, though, this is a pretty solid soundtrack.

Recommended Tracks: “Blood Hands,” “The Heart of You,” “Warriors,” “Convergence”

Overall Rating: four and a half out of five records

four and a half



Edited 3/19/2015: fixin’ words


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