Chris Pratt vs. Dinosaurs

jurassic world image

It’s hard for me to imagine Chris Pratt in any serious roles thanks to Parks and Rec‘s Andy Dwyer, so every time he talks in the Jurassic World trailer it registers in my brain as endearingly stupid remarks i.e. “Every time I eat more than 80 sushis I barf.” (Bless his heart.) That being said, I need to share this video mashup with you. Enjoy.

This also just goes to show you how music can really change the entire tone of a film. I could talk about my love for Andy Dwyer for days, but that’s not why I’m here. You got to hear a brief part of the Jurassic World score in that video, but since it wasn’t the whole thing, I’m including the actual trailer here:

giant dinosaur jurassic world

Yes, this is another score I’m throwing at you. Honestly, it’s pretty typical in until you get to the 1:50 mark — then it turns straight up bone-chilling. The first time I heard it, I just had the TV on in the background while I was doing some homework (my study habits are great, I know) and the minute that piano came I was caught. The contrast between dino breathing noises and peaceful melody is spine-tingling, and that’s what grabbed my attention and made me watch the rest of the trailer. It’s a really cool piece that definitely performed its job well, which is why I really wanted to share it.

Additionally, Jurassic World is basically the dinosaur version of Zoo Tycoon come to life, straight down to the stampede of guests running away from hoards of dinosaurs. (We’ve all deleted a fence at least once in our lives. Quit denying it.)

andy dwyer the white house

This man is guarding our galaxy and protecting us from dinosaurs.




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