furious 7 poster

I made it all the way to the end of Furious 7 with no tears in sight, and then the final scene wrecked me. I’ve only seen two of the Fast and Furious films (tragedy, I know), but the tribute to Paul Walker still wrenched my heart out of my chest. These movies are so anchored in the values of family and friends, it’s hard to not feel torn apart by the loss of one of the group even if you haven’t grown up watching them.

I don’t know much about the franchise, but the closeness of the actors seems to be unrivaled, especially the friendship between Vin Diesel and Walker. The recent news of Diesel naming his newborn daughter Pauline after his friend and his emotional speech at the Furious 7 premiere made the tribute that much more touching.

Having suddenly lost someone of my own family recently, identifying with Walker’s friends and family is easy. There’s no feeling in the world that will ever rival receiving the news that your loved one is gone, especially knowing they didn’t get a true chance to fight for their life. One moment they’re there, you’re talking to them, everything is fine, everyone is happy, and then in a matter of minutes your world comes crashing down and they’re gone forever. Just like that.

paul walker vin diesel

For me, that’s where music comes in, and the song choice for Furious 7‘s final scene is perfect for the film and for Walker. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth hones in on the brotherhood between Diesel and Walker as they are seen together for the last time and even throws in a car metaphor or two.

The video below features most of the final scene, so if you’d like to listen to the song itself and wait to see the scene in theaters, it’s on the Spotify playlist to the left.

I can honestly say this is one of the most thoughtful and beautifully-done tributes I’ve seen in a while, and I still get a little teary-eyed watching the video. Huge applause to the producers and cast for creating such a wonderful scene.

Vin Diesel sings a little bit of the song and talks about the loss of his friend in this video below.

paul walker gif

I’m not crying, you are.



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