Hello, hiatus.

rdj kiss

With finals on the horizon and about a zillion (accurate, true number) papers and projects flying at me as I finish up this semester, I’ve decided to put Reel vs. Record on an end-of-semester/summer hiatus. While I’ve loved writing for this blog for the last eight months, this last semester has really and truly exhausted me, so I’m more than ready for a little bit of a break.

Since my summer schedule is undetermined and sort of made up on the fly, I’ll plan on bringing Reel vs. Record back in August when I return to school for my senior year so I can keep the consistency going and ensure a more specific posting schedule. Luckily, there are a ton of awesome movies releasing this summer, so I’ll be full of new content as well, and I might even be able to come up with some fresh ideas as far as the types of stuff I post currently.

So, Reel vs. Record, goodbye for now. Have a lovely summer, all you people. Listen to lots of music and watch lots of movies. See you on the flip side. (Ignore that, that’s nothing.)

ill be back


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