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Reel vs. Record is exactly what it sounds like — pitting the film against the music. With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and its almost equally-successful soundtrack, it became evident that most music in movies and TV doesn’t get the full recognition it deserves. I want to put the spotlight on the soundtrack. Music can enhance entertainment in so many ways, and that’s what Reel vs. Record discusses. It’s time for music to get its chance in the limelight.

Starting back up in January, I’ll be writing a mix of reviews, soundtrack news articles, and discussion posts on how music is used in film and TV. The discussion posts will be the same as I’ve done in the past — choosing a song featured in a movie or TV show and talking a bit about why I like it and why that song works. My reviews will feature a song from a new movie (no older than a year) and will rate said song out of five records, as shown below:


(I should really get into graphic design or something, because these records were clearly very labor-intensive.)

Finally, news articles about soundtracks will be just that: what artists will be featured on a soundtrack, when the soundtrack will be released, etcetera, etcetera.

For your viewing (and listening) pleasure, I’ve already created a review, which you can find by either clicking here or going to the home page.

I look forward to continuing Reel vs. Record, and I hope to see you around! Please feel free to leave me comments either on my Facebook or Twitter pages (found on my sidebar) or in the comment section anywhere on my blog. Enjoy Reel vs. Record — I know I have. 🙂


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