age of ultron

So, there’s a little movie coming out May 1 titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and if you aren’t jumping-up-and-down-screaming excited about it, don’t bother reading this post. You are dismissed.

Here’s a little important history regarding the Disney / Marvel buyout: Back in 2009, the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment for a whopping $4 billion (for those who don’t realize how much money this is, $4 billion is roughly 444,444,444 Chipotle burritos with guac. Disney doesn’t play around. Also, I want Chipotle). So then everyone freaks out and thinks Marvel is going to be bad and awful because of the Disney influence.

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When you wish upon a star…


If I get any hate, this will be the post that does it.

I determined this Top 10 ranking by going through each soundtrack for the Disney classics and finding the notable songs. Then, I put them all into a handy little list for judging. It’s all based on my personal tastes, so I’m not really breaking any new ground, here. I picked my favorite songs out of each list and thus, this ranking was born. This basically came out of a nostalgia trip. I strongly believe Disney music is the cure for sadness. How can you be sad when you’re singing along to the soundtrack of your childhood?

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