Soundtrack Review: Insurgent


The second installment of the best-selling Divergent trilogy hits theaters tomorrow, and here’s what you can hear on the soundtrack:

1) Holes in the Sky — M83 and HAIM: This is a pretty interesting track. It begins celestially with swooping instrumentals and haunting harmonies before dropping down into a more steady beat. At this point it’s your typical ballad. The beginning is what really makes this stand out — after the drums kick in, it becomes a bit too sleepy and predicable for my taste. 3/5

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Yo listen up, here’s a story.

iron man 3

In honor of the brand new Iron Man travel mug I just bought, I’m featuring a song from Iron Man 3 this week. If you’ve kept up with my blog thus far, you know very well of my love for Tony Stark, and this post will be no different. It’s a Robert Downey Jr. love fest, y’all.

In all seriousness, Iron Man 3 is an entirely different movie from its predecessors. The film takes place after the events of The Avengers, bringing us an oddly self-aware and caring Tony Stark. If you remember, the first two Iron Man movies both begin with AC/DC songs — “Back in Black” and “Shoot to Thrill,” respectively. My post on Iron Man 2 discusses these choices further (Please excuse my self-promotion). In Iron Man 3, however, we’ve been cut off from the classic rock and thrown a curve ball from the ’90s.

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